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Male divorce attorney

Tips on Finding the Right Attorney for Your Divorce

By Blasser Law |

Choosing the right attorney for your lawsuit is important, no matter what the subject of the case. Making the right choice is rarely as important as when selecting a divorce attorney or lawyer to help you through a dispute over child custody. Not all family law attorneys are created equal, and it’s important to… Read More »

Puzzle that reads divorce rate

Report Shows Fields with Highest Divorce Rates

By Blasser Law |

Workers in any profession face a threat of divorce, but statistics show that workers in certain fields are even more likely than others to experience the end of a marriage. Researchers have also found that income level and divorce rates are linked. A statistician for the site Flowing Data calculated the divorce rate for… Read More »

Car flips over

Side-Impact Collisions: What You Should Know

By Blasser Law |

Side-impact collisions have some of the highest rates of fatality among all forms of motor vehicle accident. These crashes can leave you or your passenger badly hurt and are often the result of reckless disregard of traffic rules on behalf of the driver at fault. Read on to learn more about side-impact crashes, and… Read More »

The Claim form

Estimating the Value of Your Motor Vehicle Accident

By Blasser Law |

Car accident claims can take months to resolve completely. While you’re waiting for your claim to settle, life goes on, and you need to be able to plan for your future. In order to make practical plans, you may need to know how much you can expect to recover for your motor vehicle claims…. Read More »

The image of camera on dashboard of car

Could a Dash Cam Help You Obtain Compensation after an Accident?

By Blasser Law |

Dashboard cameras, or “dash cams” may not be a piece of technology you’ve ever thought you’d need installed in your car. These devices might seem more like the domain of police officers or public transit drivers, but advances in technology have made these devices more affordable for the average driver. When considering the benefits… Read More »

Lady talking on the phone while driving.jpg.crdownload

Study on Distracted Driving Reveals Greater Impact on Accident Rates than Previously Known

By Blasser Law |

As a driver on Southern California’s bustling freeways, you understand the dangers that drivers face, even when paying close attention to the road. Despite the obvious dangers of texting while driving (not to mention the laws banning any handheld phone use in California), it is not uncommon to glance at the driver next to… Read More »

Drunk Driving Crash

Drunk Driving Crash Takes Life of West Covina Woman

By Blasser Law |

A recent accident resulted in the death of a woman who was pulling away from the scene of an accident at which she had stopped to help. The death is believed to have been caused by a drunk driver. The 18-year-old accident victim had been driving her Nissan Sentra on the 405 near Century… Read More »

Lady looking at her phone while driving

New Survey Reveals that Drivers Don’t Always Practice what They Preach

By Blasser Law |

It appears that many US drivers live by the maxim, “Do as I say, not as I do.” According to the recently-released results of a survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, many drivers recognize how unsafe certain behaviors are, but continue to practice them all the same. The survey was conducted… Read More »

Man suffering Whiplash

What You Need to Know about Whiplash

By Blasser Law |

When you’re in a rear-end crash, the impact of the car behind you can cause serious damage to your body, and even result in chronic pain in certain cases. If you’ve been in an accident, it is important to learn about the possible effects of whiplash, and how to get help pursuing claims for… Read More »

The Custody-Sharing battle

Create a Custody-Sharing Arrangement that Takes Your Children’s Needs Into Account

By Blasser Law |

Divorce can be difficult on families, but even the most deeply-affected parents will acknowledge that divorce hits children the hardest of all. If you and your co-parent are sharing custody of your kids after a divorce, it can be a challenge to figure out how to provide a stable, loving environment for your children… Read More »

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