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Signs of Divorce. Conflict and divorce in the family.

Signs That It Is Time for a Divorce

By Blasser Law |

Marriage is a significant commitment, meant to be a lifelong partnership filled with love, support, and mutual respect. However, not all marriages can withstand the test of time. When conflicts become persistent and overwhelming, it might be time to consider whether divorce is the best path forward. At Blasser Law, we understand that deciding… Read More »

Rings with decree of divorce, closeup

What Is a Default Divorce in California?

By Blasser Law |

Divorce is often a complex and emotionally charged process. However, not all divorces are created equal. In California, one type of divorce that can sometimes simplify proceedings is known as a “default divorce.” Understanding what a default divorce is and how it works can help you navigate your legal options more effectively. Whether you… Read More »

Close up picture of Subpoena with pen.

What Is a Subpoena and How Is It Used in a Divorce?

By Blasser Law |

Navigating through a divorce can be a complicated and confusing process for those unfamiliar with legal proceedings, as it involves multiple legal documents and complex court procedures. One legal tool you may come into contact with, particularly in a contested divorce, is the subpoena. A subpoena is a legal document issued by a court… Read More »

PALIMONY text in search bar. Bookkeeping clerk looking for something at laptop. PALIMONY concept.

What Is Palimony?

By Blasser Law |

The term “palimony” may not be as commonly known as “alimony,” but it can play a crucial role in the world of family law, particularly for couples who have lived together without getting married. While the concept is recognized in many different states across the country, the term itself in its modern usage originated… Read More »

girl with mother and father holding hands on the nature. Child with parents outdoors

Sole Custody Versus Joint Custody

By Blasser Law |

Figuring out a child custody arrangement for life post-divorce is a complicated undertaking, requiring parents to work together to create parenting plans and time-sharing schedules that meet everybody’s needs, or to litigate the matter in court in the unfortunate event that the parents can’t come up with an agreement on their own. One threshold… Read More »

Woman using a mobile phone with emoticons

Bad Social Media Habits to Avoid During Divorce

By Blasser Law |

Navigating the emotional and legal complexities of divorce has never been easy, but certain facts of modern life make it harder than ever in some ways. In today’s digital age, where social media is an integral part of our daily lives, it’s essential for individuals going through a divorce to be mindful of their… Read More »

Couple's Hand On Divorce Paper With Wedding Rings And Broken Heart

Things to Do Before You Ask for a Divorce

By Blasser Law |

Divorce is a significant life decision, impacting not just you and your partner but also your children and extended family, with ramifications that continue to play out for years to come. While the decision to divorce may be the right one, it should not be made too hastily or until you are prepared to… Read More »

Parental alienation concept. Figures of family and scissors as symbol of divorce.

What Is Parental Alienation?

By Blasser Law |

In the realm of family law, particularly in the context of divorce and child custody disputes, a phenomenon known as “parental alienation” frequently emerges. This concept, while not new, often stirs considerable debate and concern among parents, legal professionals, and mental health experts. Below we attempt to shed some light on this complex and… Read More »

Agriculture. happy father farmer carries son child boy sunset. child sits happily his father shoulders wheat field. dad love child kid. beloved kid son arms his father. papa day. summer family walk sunset.

What Is an Interstate Custody Agreement?

By Blasser Law |

Navigating the complexities of child custody is never easy, but the situation can become even more convoluted when parents reside in different states. In such cases, what you need is an interstate custody agreement. This legal document serves as a blueprint for how custody of the children will be shared across state lines. Read… Read More »

Young woman calms a crying daughter near a country house, a father carries boxes to his car

What Is Marriage Abandonment and What Are the Consequences?

By Blasser Law |

It’s a common phrase to hear that somebody “abandoned the marriage.” But what does this term really mean? Does it have any particular legal significance, or is it just an expression people use? As it turns out, marriage abandonment is “a thing,” and it can have significant legal consequences in a divorce or custody… Read More »

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