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How to End Spousal Support in California

By Blasser Law |

Spousal support, also called alimony, is a common part of divorce in California. The wealthier spouse, especially in circumstances in which the marriage involved only one income earner, is likely to owe monthly spousal support to the less wealthy spouse for some time after the divorce is finalized. For many divorced parties, owing spousal… Read More »

Separation Of Pawn Wooden Figure In From Of Gavel

What Are the Different Types of Child Custody?

By Blasser Law |

Anyone facing a divorce involving children can expect that custody and visitation determinations are likely to become a significant topic of discussion, negotiation, and where the parties cannot agree, disputes to be resolved by the court. California’s Family Code provides guidance on the specific types of custody arrangements available in a divorce or other… Read More »

Judge gavel, hourglass and legal book on wooden table, court time concept

Getting Temporary Orders During Your Divorce Proceeding

By Blasser Law |

Once a divorce is filed, there are still many legal steps to take before the process is finalized. Most divorces take at least six months to complete. In the meantime, the parties may have issues concerning shared finances, property division, and child custody that require immediate attention. If the parties cannot agree on how… Read More »

judge on keyboard


By Blasser Law |

Effective April 15, 2020, the Family Law Division of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County will implement the use of Resource Account email addresses while the Court is closed, except for essential functions. A Resource Account permits parties in a family law proceeding to file emergency (“ex parte”) applications and oppositions by email… Read More »

Man and woman hands pulling euro money, dividing marital property during divorce

How Are Business Assets Divided in Divorce

By Blasser Law |

Divorces can require complex financial analysis, especially when a divorce involves high net-worth individuals or complicated assets such as business ownership. How should the parties or court divide a business that is owned partially or entirely by one or both spouses? Read on to learn about the division of business assets in a divorce,… Read More »

Funny happy dad and daughter play and cuddle together against white background. Good relationship of parent and child. Happy family moments of father and toddler girl. Childhood and parenthood care.

How to Win Your Child Custody Case

By Blasser Law |

Child custody is often one of the most difficult, hotly contested, and emotionally charged parts of the divorce process. If you and your spouse or co-parent cannot agree on custody, the final determination will be left to the judgment of the California family court. The court’s sole concern will be the best interests of… Read More »

Divorcing family trying to divide child custody

Common Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid

By Blasser Law |

When a couple divorces or otherwise ends their relationship, often one of the most difficult and emotionally charged issues they deal with is child custody. If you are in the midst of a divorce involving shared children, or you have finalized a divorce and are now living with a custody order, there are plenty… Read More »

Kid daughter feeling upset while parents fighting at background

How to Enforce Your Visitation Rights

By Blasser Law |

During a divorce where a married couple shares children, the most important issue you’ll decide is how you and your spouse will share parenting time. It can be frustrating, and in some cases even scary, when your co-parent doesn’t honor the agreed-upon visitation schedule. Parents who violate valid visitation agreements can face serious legal… Read More »

best nanny in the world. tips help to handle with naughty child

Tips for Dads Going Through Divorce

By Blasser Law |

Divorces can be tough on everyone involved.  Historically, mothers were automatically favored when it came to child custody and child support.  While this presumption has been changing in recent years, it is still all-too-easy for dads to pull the short straw in divorce proceedings, leading to additional and unwarranted financial and emotional difficulties.  If… Read More »

Money and marriage message

Why Everyone Should Get a Prenup

By Blasser Law |

Many clients are under the impression that premarital or prenuptial agreements (“prenups”) are exclusively for the rich and well-connected, those with serious money on hand before marriage seeking to protect their vast assets.  In modern times, however, prenups are a valuable tool for most couples, regardless of their wealth and regardless of their circumstances. … Read More »

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