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woman planning vacation trip and searching information

How to Split Summer Vacation After Divorce With Children

By Blasser Law |

Summer vacation can disrupt the normal parenting time schedule established in your divorce. Now that summer is upon us, you’ll need to make a plan with your ex to account for the different schedules the summer may create. Read on for a few tips on creating a summer plan with your ex as well… Read More »


What Is a Summary Dissolution and How Do I Qualify?

By Blasser Law |

For many, a divorce can be a difficult period and process to navigate. While many couples may decide that a divorce is the best way to move forward, they have different choices in how they go about it. For some couples, opting for a summary dissolution is a better way to go. Let’s take… Read More »

Advocate or lawyer defends accused innocent woman. Legal help an

What is a Guardian Ad Litem in CA?

By Blasser Law |

Whether you’re building out your estate plan, going through probate, or dealing with a custody dispute, you may need to take official legal action in court. Not just anyone can pursue legal action at any time, however. The law includes safeguards to prevent people from being taken advantage of when they are cognitively unable… Read More »

mid-adult couple meeting with financial planner

What is a Pre-Divorce Planning Session: How Does it Help?

By Blasser Law |

If you are anticipating a divorce in your future, it’s important to be prepared. The first step in proper preparation is making a plan. Read on below for a discussion of the pre-divorce planning session, an early meeting between you and your attorney during which you will generate a plan for your divorce case…. Read More »

Pendant of key ring in shape of house divided in two parts on wo

California Property Division Factors: Is CA a 50-50 State?

By Blasser Law |

Pop culture tells us that when you divorce, you and your spouse each get half. While that’s true in some states, it’s not true in every state. Some states are known as “community property” states, which means that marital property is, indeed, split evenly. Other states are known as “equitable distribution” states, which means… Read More »

Deprivation of parental rights. The law protects children from p

What Factors Do Judges Consider When Deciding Child Custody in California?

By Blasser Law |

In California, Division 8 of the Family Code details the general provision when a court is determining who will have custody of children in the event a divorce takes place. Several factors are taken into consideration when deciding on child custody. Regardless of the circumstances, the primary factor will always be what is in… Read More »

selective focus of sad african american kid touching face near d

What is Physical Placement?

By Blasser Law |

Child custody laws and regulations are far more confusing than they have any need to be. There are different terms addressing decision-making authority as opposed to authority over where the children reside. The legal terms concerning each custodial right vary by state, and even within a given state those terms have evolved and changed… Read More »


What is a Joint Petition for a Divorce?

By Blasser Law |

In California, as in other states, divorces no longer need to be based on “fault,” such as adultery or cruelty–either party can petition for divorce simply based on a breakdown of the marriage. Only one party needs to file; the other party cannot stop the divorce simply by disagreeing. However, there are advantages to… Read More »

couple cooking

What is Common Law Marriage?

By Blasser Law |

Many people have heard the myth that if you live together with your romantic partner for seven years, you are “common law married.” If you break up after seven years, the myth suggests, you can ask for alimony and property division. While common law marriage does exist, as with most things in the law,… Read More »

Young smiling saleswoman talking with a client.

What is a Pro Se Divorce?

By Blasser Law |

People facing the prospect of divorce have a lot to consider, and one of the main sources of concern is the cost. Divorces cost money, and it’s important to consider how to keep those costs low. Many people are aware that they can file for divorce “pro se” but are not sure exactly how… Read More »

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