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Two people drinking tea on a date

Can I Date Before My Divorce is Final?

By Blasser Law |

If you’re the spouse seeking to end your marriage, you may feel relieved and eager to move on once you finally file for divorce. It’s likely that you’ve been unhappy in your relationship for months, even years. You’re ready to dive back into the dating pool and find a relationship that will last—but is… Read More »

divorce couple still living together

Living Together after Filing for Divorce

By Blasser Law |

Prior to 2017, married couples in California were required to be living “separate and apart” to establish an intent to separate. Since that time, California law has changed to allow for couples to establish a separation date for the purpose of dividing their marital property that is acquired before either or both spouses moves… Read More »

Mother holding special needs child

Special Concerns in Calculating Child Support when Raising Special Needs Children

By Blasser Law |

Determining an appropriate amount of child support always hinges on the needs of the children. When the child involved has special needs, there is an even greater number of issues that parents must consider when determining the amount of child support that they need to request or be prepared to pay. Learn more about… Read More »

Divorced couple about to finalize their papers

Handling a Stalling Spouse in a California Divorce

By Blasser Law |

Divorcing spouses are sometimes willing to take out their frustration or hurt feelings toward their ex through the divorce process itself. In many cases, this will materialize as unreasonable delays to the divorce process. On the one hand, delay tactics could be the work of a spouse who wishes to cost their ex a… Read More »

Lady attorney shaking hands with her client

Is It Worthwhile to Change Divorce Attorneys Midway Through Your Case?

By Blasser Law |

Divorce rarely goes as smoothly as spouses expect. Even when conflict between divorcing spouses is relatively low, couples are often daunted by the thought of dividing up a lifetime of possessions and assets fairly. If the couple shares a child, the process of reaching a division or sharing of custody can introduce even more… Read More »

a piece of paper that reads Estate planning

What are Four Common Mistakes California Residents Make during the Estate Planning Process?

By Blasser Law |

If you’re in the process of creating a will or estate plan, then you’re avoiding what is the most dangerous estate planning mistake—failing to create an estate plan at all. However, there are other important errors to avoid when creating a plan for what should happen to your assets after you pass. Read on… Read More »

Courtroom etiquette

What to Know Before Attending a Family Law Court Hearing

By Blasser Law |

If you’ve never had to attend a court hearing before, going to court on a matter related to your divorce or custody dispute can feel intimidating. Aside from the intense emotions you may be feeling about the case itself and the anxiety you may be experiencing about getting a good outcome, you may be… Read More »

asian man yawning while driving

Drowsy Driving Plays a Major Role in Causing Car Accidents, Study Finds

By Blasser Law |

The more that scientists publish research on the effects of sleep deprivation, the more conclusively this research shows how critical sleep is for proper brain functioning. This research also comes at a time when many experts believe that there is a crisis of sleep deprivation in the US, with few Americans getting an amount… Read More »

car hit a truck.crdownload

Lawmakers Calling for Increased Protections against Serious Truck Collisions

By Blasser Law |

The US economy is dependent on ground transportation and shipping by large container trucks, but these trucks can do massive amounts of damage when involved in a crash with smaller passenger vehicles. The US Senate is currently considering a bill that would require large trucks to carry greater protection against deadly accidents between passenger… Read More »

A baby sitting in the middle of a divorced couple

How (and Why) to Find Positivity Toward Your Co-Parent

By Blasser Law |

Divorce can leave both parties bitter, angry, and resentful. While these feelings are challenging enough to deal with if you and your spouse don’t share children, they can create even more of a problem if you’ll be spending the following decades co-parenting with your ex. It may seem challenging, but generating more positive feelings… Read More »

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