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irreconcilable differences

Examples of Irreconcilable Differences

By Blasser Law |

California, like every other state in the 21st century, allows married persons to file for “no-fault” divorce. The law no longer requires someone to prove that their spouse committed adultery, abandonment, cruelty, or other wrongful acts in order to seek a divorce. In California, the no-fault grounds are known as “irreconcilable differences.” Continue reading… Read More »

Placeholder with green ribbon on a table with a bouquet of white roses in the background to understand the concept of celebration

What Is Proxy Marriage, and Is It Allowed in California?

By Blasser Law |

Marriage requires more than the decision of two people to marry. Certain legal formalities must be followed, including that the parties declare their intent to marry before a person “solemnizing” the marriage as well as necessary witnesses. Under most circumstances, the parties must be present, together, to officially solemnize their marriage. What happens when… Read More »

Concept of divorce and family disintegration. Man with wedding ring sitting in a marital bedroom, close up, cropped image, toned

Spousal Abandonment Laws

By Blasser Law |

When someone is unhappy in a marriage, the rational, mature step is to file for divorce. Some people decide, instead, to abdicate their marital responsibilities and simply leave the home with no plans to return. If your spouse has abandoned you, what are your options? What are the legal consequences of their abandonment? Read… Read More »

Sad child girl hugging her mother in the paddy field with the sunlight

What Is a 730 Evaluation in CA?

By Blasser Law |

Divorce involves a lot of legal hoops and hurdles. When children are involved, the process is even more complex. If you are divorcing with kids, the court could order the parties to undergo a child custody evaluation, often called a “730 evaluation.” Read on to learn about the 730 evaluation, what to expect, and… Read More »

Last Will. Hand opens envelope and takes out documents. Post let

What Are the Different Types of Trusts in CA?

By Blasser Law |

Contrary to popular belief, executing a last will and testament is not the only essential part of an estate plan. In many cases, establishing a trust is equally if not more important. Certain trusts can serve the essential function of a will while providing additional benefits, and other types of trusts may be useful,… Read More »

Schwerer Verkehrsunfall auf der Autobahn

Car Accidents vs Truck Accidents

By Blasser Law |

California’s Office of Traffic Safety reported 65,377 fatal and injury motor vehicle crashes in Los Angeles County in 2020, which ranks the county number two in the state. Meanwhile, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports 236 fatalities in large truck crashes in California that same year, ranking the state number two for the… Read More »

Divorce concept with gavel and wedding rings

Residency Requirements for Divorce in CA

By Blasser Law |

California is a no-fault divorce state. You can file for divorce without alleging any wrongdoing on the part of your spouse; in fact, California no longer even allows parties to allege fault as grounds for divorce. There are, nevertheless, certain legal requirements for obtaining a divorce in California. Among other legal prerequisites, you must… Read More »

torn photo of mother and child. Separation concept

Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights

By Blasser Law |

California law assumes that parents should retain custody of their children. If there’s a custody dispute between two parents, the courts will operate from the assumption that children benefit most from continued contact with both parents. Under certain circumstances, California law permits the termination of parental rights. Continue reading to learn about the grounds… Read More »

Car and motorcycle accident outdoors.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

By Blasser Law |

Motorcycles can be a fun, cost-effective alternative to driving a passenger car. Motorcycles can also be extremely dangerous. Bikers face additional hazards given the added risks and requirements of riding a motorcycle, and when they are involved in an accident, they are more likely to suffer serious injury. Below, we discuss the most common… Read More »

Young smiling parents mom dad with child kid daughter teen girl in basic t-shirts showing shape heart with hands heart-shape sign isolated on yellow background studio. Family day parenthood concept.

Child Sharing Time Tips For Custody

By Blasser Law |

Sharing custody with an ex can be a complicated matter, but it’s important to keep in mind what’s best for your kids. There are any number of conflicts and other hiccups that can arise, especially if you do not get along well with your kids’ other parent. Below, we offer a few tips on… Read More »

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