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Kid daughter feeling upset while parents fighting at background

How to Enforce Your Visitation Rights

By Blasser Law |

During a divorce where a married couple shares children, the most important issue you’ll decide is how you and your spouse will share parenting time. It can be frustrating, and in some cases even scary, when your co-parent doesn’t honor the agreed-upon visitation schedule. Parents who violate valid visitation agreements can face serious legal… Read More »

best nanny in the world. tips help to handle with naughty child

Tips for Dads Going Through Divorce

By Blasser Law |

Divorces can be tough on everyone involved. Historically, mothers were automatically favored when it came to child custody and child support. While this presumption has been changing in recent years, it is still all-too-easy for dads to pull the short straw in divorce proceedings, leading to additional and unwarranted financial and emotional difficulties. If… Read More »

Money and marriage message

Why Everyone Should Get a Prenup

By Blasser Law |

Many clients are under the impression that premarital or prenuptial agreements (“prenups”) are exclusively for the rich and well-connected, those with serious money on hand before marriage seeking to protect their vast assets. In modern times, however, prenups are a valuable tool for most couples, regardless of their wealth and regardless of their circumstances. … Read More »

Baby's booties, dummy and colourful letters regarding child-custody and family-law concept

Reasons to Modify Child Custody

By Blasser Law |

Child custody orders are meant to be the final word on the matter. To modify a child custody or visitation arrangement, assuming both parents do not agree to the change, the party seeking a change must ask the family court for a modification. Courts do not want to revisit child custody simply because one… Read More »

Spouses couple signing decree papers getting divorced in lawyers office

What’s the Next Step if Divorce Mediation Doesn’t Work?

By Blasser Law |

Mediation can be an excellent way to resolve a divorce without resorting to lengthy court battles. The mediation process can be more streamlined, less expensive, and less contentious, resulting in a settlement agreeable to both sides. Unfortunately, divorces are complicated and often emotionally-charged, and even if you enter with the best of intentions, mediation… Read More »

collaborative divorce blue keyboard caption

Collaborative Divorce: What are the Pros & Cons in CA?

By Blasser Law |

Divorces can be contentious, difficult, and drawn-out proceedings. If the parties cannot come to agreement on the terms, they may end up in a lengthy court case that can even go to trial when necessary. If the parties are able to set aside their differences and negotiate a settlement outside of court, however, they… Read More »

tax form with calculator and glasses

Filing Taxes After Divorce in California? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Blasser Law |

Going through a divorce can leave you in a state of financial uncertainty. You may owe or be owed alimony or child support, as well as marital assets like a home, stocks, or part of a retirement plan. Additionally, your income filing status has suddenly changed. Your California divorce lawyer can help you understand… Read More »

little girl hugging dad with mom in background

Can a Parent With Joint Custody Take a Child Out of California?

By Blasser Law |

Divorce can sometimes be, unfortunately, the gift that keeps on giving. Custody and child support arrangements cannot always predict life changes that happen years after a divorce is finalized. If you get a job offer in a different state and want to move your child with you, can you do so? Read on for… Read More »

Wife signing divorce agreement with wedding ring on contract

The Pros and Cons of Filing For Divorce First

By Blasser Law |

Once you realize your marriage is well and truly on the rocks, you may have reached the point of determining whether divorce is your best option. If you decide that a divorce is on the horizon, you may wonder whether it is best to be the first to file, to help ensure that you… Read More »

Child support document regarding divorce

Southern California Woman Seeks Back Child Support almost 50 Years after Divorce—and Gets It

By Blasser Law |

Decades after her divorce was finalized, a California mother sought the child support she had expected but never received—and she got it. Learn more about the case below, and contact a Southern California child support attorney with any questions about back child support. After First Check Bounces, Father Makes No Further Attempts at Paying… Read More »

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