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Deprivation of parental rights. The law protects children from p

What Factors Do Judges Consider When Deciding Child Custody in California?

By Blasser Law |

In California, Division 8 of the Family Code details the general provision when a court is determining who will have custody of children in the event a divorce takes place. Several factors are taken into consideration when deciding on child custody. Regardless of the circumstances, the primary factor will always be what is in… Read More »

selective focus of sad african american kid touching face near d

What is Physical Placement?

By Blasser Law |

Child custody laws and regulations are far more confusing than they have any need to be. There are different terms addressing decision-making authority as opposed to authority over where the children reside. The legal terms concerning each custodial right vary by state, and even within a given state those terms have evolved and changed… Read More »


What is a Joint Petition for a Divorce?

By Blasser Law |

In California, as in other states, divorces no longer need to be based on “fault,” such as adultery or cruelty–either party can petition for divorce simply based on a breakdown of the marriage. Only one party needs to file; the other party cannot stop the divorce simply by disagreeing. However, there are advantages to… Read More »

couple cooking

What is Common Law Marriage?

By Blasser Law |

Many people have heard the myth that if you live together with your romantic partner for seven years, you are “common law married.” If you break up after seven years, the myth suggests, you can ask for alimony and property division. While common law marriage does exist, as with most things in the law,… Read More »

Young smiling saleswoman talking with a client.

What is a Pro Se Divorce?

By Blasser Law |

People facing the prospect of divorce have a lot to consider, and one of the main sources of concern is the cost. Divorces cost money, and it’s important to consider how to keep those costs low. Many people are aware that they can file for divorce “pro se” but are not sure exactly how… Read More »

Doctor, patient and urine test cup. Physician giving pee container to a woman in clinic or hospital emergency room. Urinary sample for medical exam in hospital. Checkup for infection or salmonella.

When Are Drug Tests Used in Child Custody Cases?

By Blasser Law |

California is a no-fault divorce state. Not only does California permit couples to divorce based on no-fault grounds (legally known as “irreconcilable differences”), California no longer even allows couples to file for divorce based on alleged fault. There are circumstances, however, under which certain bad acts can affect a divorce proceeding. Domestic abuse, criminal… Read More »

Soldier situating opposite his spouse and promising to come back home alive

How Long Does California Military Divorce Take?

By Blasser Law |

Divorce never comes at an easy time. If one spouse is an active-duty servicemember, the divorce proceedings can become that much more complicated. A number of issues unique to military divorces may arise which can complicate or delay the proceedings. Below, our knowledgeable Claremont military divorce attorneys discuss complications that can come up in… Read More »

Money roll and judges hammer on wooden table

What are the Current Alimony Tax Laws?

By Blasser Law |

Reaching a favorable and fair divorce settlement requires a lot of care and consideration. It’s not enough to look at the relative income and assets of each party. It’s important to also take into consideration the additional consequences of all aspects of the divorce, including payment of mortgages and other debts, insurance costs and… Read More »


Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce in CA?

By Blasser Law |

Unlike many states, California has a process for “legal separation.” Legal separation is similar to divorce but different in key respects. Continue reading to learn how legal separation operates in California, and reach out to a seasoned Claremont divorce and separation attorney for advice and representation in a Southern California family law matter. What… Read More »

Taking off the wedding ring

How to Get Marriage Annulled in CA

By Blasser Law |

Annulment is significantly rarer than divorce. Whereas divorce ends a marriage, an annulment will make it as if the marriage never took place. Legally, the parties will revert to “single,” as opposed to divorced. There are specific requirements to obtain an annulment. Below, we discuss the grounds for obtaining an annulment and the procedure… Read More »

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