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Claremont Personal Injury Attorneys Helping Victims of Distracted Driving Car Accidents

Driving safely on busy California roads can be challenging under ideal circumstances, but it is impossible to do well when you’re distracted. Driving while texting, talking on the phone, eating, reading, or operating an in-vehicle entertainment system has become disturbingly commonplace. These dangerous behind-the-wheel distractions can lead to drivers causing serious, even fatal, car accidents.

Distracted driving can be deadly for those who share the road with these negligent drivers. Victims deserve compensation for the injuries they suffer in serious crashes caused by distracted drivers. If you’re a Southern California resident who has been hurt in a distracted driving crash, get help seeking the damages you’re owed for your injuries by contacting the dedicated and skilled Claremont personal injury lawyers at Blasser Law.

Distracted driving a serious crisis

Smartphone use has become almost universal among US citizens, with one survey showing that 80% of Americans use social media applications on their phones to share photos and keep up with the news. Despite the longtime ban on texting while driving in California, and the more recent ban on all handheld use of phones while driving, this cell phone use doesn’t stop when drivers get behind the wheel. Many experts suggest that phone distractions are the single biggest factor causing the increase in fatal accidents on US roads over the past three years.

The National Safety Council estimates that, at any one time, 7% of all drivers are using a cell phone while behind the wheel. While many who text while driving believe that they’re capable of safely monitoring the road while on their phones, research on drivers’ ability to multi-task consistently shows that this isn’t truly possible. Neurological research shows that, when a driver’s brain is distracted by listening to someone talk on a phone, that driver’s ability to process moving images decreases by 33%. Studies have also shown that drivers who are talking on a phone experience a narrowed field of vision and can miss up to 50% of the visual information available on the road ahead of them.

Distracted drivers can cause serious harm to other California drivers

Drivers who choose to text, email, or make other handheld use of a phone behind the wheel are not only breaking the law; they’re putting your life at risk. These drivers deserve to pay the consequences for their careless, even reckless behavior. After a distracted driving crash in the San Gabriel Valley, get help in receiving the payment you’re entitled to by contacting a dedicated and professional Claremont personal injury attorney at Blasser Law. Our seasoned car accident attorneys will use evidence of the driver’s negligence, such as eyewitness accounts, accident recreation experts, or security footage of the crash to prove that a driver was illegally using their phone or otherwise dangerously distracted at the time of the accident. Let us fight for you and the money your family needs after a California distracted driving crash.

Contact Our Claremont Personal Injury Attorneys after a Southern California Distracted Driving Car Accident

For assistance in seeking money damages after a Los Angeles County distracted driving crash, contact the knowledgeable, effective, and trial-ready Claremont personal injury attorneys at Blasser Law at 877-927-2181.

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