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Los Angeles Children’s Law and Children’s Services Attorneys in Claremont

Protecting Your Rights and Your Family

The children’s law legal team at Blasser Law has dedicated years of practice to protecting California families. We know the agencies involved, we know the rights that matter, and we understand the arguments that work and the evidence that carries. If you are concerned for the health and safety of your children, if you’ve had your rights violated, or if you are facing the removal of your children from your home, our children’s law and children’s services legal team is ready to help you. We fight for families in Southern California, and our trial-ready legal team will stand by your side until your matter is resolved.

What is Children’s Law?

Children’s law concerns the rights and protection of children. Children’s court considers matters involving parental rights, fostering, adoption, surrogacy, dependency, and other matters involving the health and well-being of children. Being hauled into children’s court can be a jarring experience for any parent, even when you intend to be there. It’s important to have a seasoned children’s law and children’s services attorney on your side to ensure your rights and your family are protected.

Child Dependency in California

Child dependency matters arise when a concerned party believes that the health and well-being of a child are threatened by continued placement in the home. Dependency law becomes a factor when the state intervenes to remove or attempts to remove a child from the care of their current parent or guardian.

A child dependency matter can arise whenever the county or state is notified about alleged abuse or neglect. A representative for the agency will investigate the claims and the circumstances of the child’s home life. If the investigator determines that the child is unsafe in the home, they can seek to have the child removed and made a dependent of the court.

If the child is taken from the home, the parent or parents must be given a hearing before a court. The child dependency court has the authority to do the following and more:

  • Remove a child from the home
  • Send the child to live with relatives
  • Place the child in foster care
  • Terminate parental rights
  • Establish new parental rights
  • Return a child to their parent’s home

It’s vital to have professional, experienced representation on your side when you appear before the court for your dependency matter. A children’s law attorney at Blasser Law can help you protect your rights as a parent and ensure that your children are not unjustly removed from your home.

Foster Care and Adoption in California

The seasoned children’s services attorney at Blasser Law is well-versed in California adoption and foster care law. We help loving parents gain legal status through adoption, and we help parents place young and unborn children with loving families that are emotionally, financially, and physically able to give those children the love and care they need.

Our foster care and adoption legal team is ready to help you with your child placement or parental rights matter, including:

  • Traditional adoption
  • Open or closed adoption
  • Foster care placement
  • Emergency foster care
  • Obtaining certification to be a foster parent
  • Semi-traditional adoption
  • Adoption through foster care
  • Reclaiming parental rights after foster care

Call an Experienced California Family Lawyer for Help With Your Children’s Law Matter

If your parental rights are at stake, if you are concerned over the well-being of your children, or if you have any other issues concerning children’s law or parental rights, our southern California family lawyer is ready to help. For a consultation on your parental rights matter, child custody dispute, parenting time negotiation, divorce, child support issue, or annulment, contact a diligent and thorough Claremont children’s law attorney at Blasser Law for a consultation, at 877-927-2181.

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