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For parents, the most challenging part of a divorce or breakup is often determining how you and your ex will share custody of your children. It can be difficult to remain an engaged, attentive, and supportive parent to your child if you feel that you don’t get enough time to visit with your child. In some cases, you may worry that a volatile or irresponsible parent is causing harm to your child during their time together, and you want to ensure that you can structure your custody arrangement so that you can feel comfortable knowing that your child is safe and protected. If you have concerns about your Southern California child custody arrangement, contact the seasoned Diamond Bar child custody lawyers at Blasser Law for a consultation.

California family courts seek to promote the child’s interests

When parents of a child separate or divorce, California family courts will divide both legal and physical custody between the parents. Legal custody consists of the parents’ rights to make decisions about a child’s upbringing, including choices related to their education, medical care, religious activities, and extracurricular activities. Physical custody describes the amount of time that a child spends with the parent. When a parent has primary custody, the child lives with that parent but may have visitation time with their other parent.

California courts will try to create a custody-sharing arrangement that promotes the best interests of the child. Courts will only limit a parent’s legal custody of their child in extraordinary cases, typically permitting each parent to have a say in the critical decisions shaping their child’s health and upbringing. Courts will also try to divide physical custody as equally as possible, but in cases where this isn’t logistically feasible, or where one parent is proven to be unable to provide responsible, safe care for their child, the court may limit that parent’s time with their child or require that their visitation time be supervised by a third party.

Legal help in advocating for your rights as a parent in Southern California

In some cases, parents are able to reach a mutually-agreeable division of custody between themselves without legal intervention. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Finding trustworthy, professional, and experienced legal counsel can make the process of determining your child’s custody arrangement far less stressful. At Blasser Law, our compassionate and knowledgeable California family law attorneys will come alongside you to ensure that your rights as a parent are protected and your child’s best interests are promoted by the judge’s decision. Contact our Los Angeles County offices today to discuss your case and find out how our seasoned attorneys can provide the legal support you need.

For legal help with your Southern California child custody dispute, contact the dedicated, effective, and professional Diamond Bar family law attorneys at Blasser Law for a consultation at 909-843-6363.

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