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We expect the items we buy in the store to be carefully designed and constructed by the companies that created the products, and further warranted as safe by the stores selling it. By paying a fair price for the items we purchase, we assume that we will receive a product that, ideally, works as advertised, but at least has been found to be safe to use. With alarming frequency, however, stories appear in the news indicating that many products widely available on the market are anything but safe. Harrowing stories appear on the news regularly describing how seemingly-safe products malfunctioned once brought into the purchaser’s home, injuring the owner or a loved one. If you’ve been injured by a defective or dangerous product in Los Angeles County, contact a product liability attorney at Blasser Law to learn about your legal options.

Buyers must trust that manufacturers have their interests at heart

As consumers, we place a great deal of trust in manufacturers to sell only products that won’t cause us injury. We’re forced to trust that potentially-deadly items, such as large electronics, furniture, food items, and cars, have been thoroughly vetted before being offered for sale. After all, the manufacturer has the exclusive opportunity to research and test the item before bringing it to the market and is the only party which can accurately warrant that a new product is safe to use. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers take the time to ensure that the products they sell are completely safe.

Manufacturers face strict liability when they create a dangerous product

As a result of their exclusive ability to test a product, manufacturers will face a tougher standard when defending against a legal claim for injuries caused to customers. Most legal claims require that the injured plaintiff prove that the defendant knew that their actions would or could cause injury. Plaintiffs injured by a dangerous product do not need to show that a manufacturer or retailer knew that the product would be dangerous before selling it. They need only show that the product was dangerous and should have been made safer or come with a warning. Not only can the makers of a product face liability when that product is dangerous, but the companies distributing and selling that product may also be held financially responsible for injuries the product causes.

Choose the right attorney to bring your products liability claim

Product liability claims are nevertheless very challenging cases to prove. Attorneys for injured plaintiffs in product liability cases must not only be talented litigators, but must also understand what are often highly technical arguments on the design and engineering of a product. You’ll find Southern California attorneys with the critical set of skills needed to succeed on a product liability claim at Blasser Law. Contact us today for a consultation on your case.

Contact Blasser Law for Dedicated Los Angeles Products Liability Attorneys

For assistance with a product liability lawsuit in the San Gabriel Valley and throughout LA County, contact a seasoned Claremont product liability attorney at Blasser Law for a consultation, at 877-927-2181.

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