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Claremont Celebrity Divorce Attorneys

Divorces can be emotionally charged, heated, and complex, even in the best of circumstances.  When a divorce involves actors, musicians, athletes, or other high-profile parties, the process can quickly become even more complicated.  Celebrity divorces involve unique issues not present in the typical divorce, including dealing with the media and information leaks, valuing and distributing complex and high-value assets, and keeping public scrutiny off of any children and other vulnerable family members.

At Blasser Law, the experienced, capable, and discrete Claremont celebrity divorce lawyers are prepared to handle high-profile divorces in California.  We are equipped to handle the added pressure and complications associated with divorces involving entertainers, executives, reality TV stars, royalty, athletes, politicians, and anyone else with a public profile.  We deal with the public, with pushy members of the media, with forensic accountants and other financial experts necessary to identify and value complicated assets, and anyone else who may be required to handle during your celebrity divorce.

Managing the Public

One of the most challenging aspects of high-profile divorces is dealing with the media.  Athletes, entertainers, CEOs, and other high-profile individuals often have to contend with aspects of their private lives becoming public.  Unfortunately, a celebrity divorce can be one of the juiciest topics of professional and social media coverage.  People love to gossip, and the media loves to capitalize on other people’s misfortune.

At Blasser Law, our high-profile divorce attorneys understand the unique challenges of celebrity divorce proceedings.  We handle cases with the utmost discretion.  The details of your case are for you and your attorneys, not the public.  We know that you are already going through a difficult, trying time, and the last thing you need is for your divorce to impact your reputation and professional life.  We will work with personal attorneys, managers, agents, publicists, and any other member of your professional team to manage the public’s knowledge of your divorce.  We will fight to keep your privacy as best as possible, especially when children are part of the equation.  We will work to keep sordid details from being leaked to the press and make sure that you and your team are in control of the flow of information to the public.

High-Asset Divorces

Celebrity divorces also tend to be more complicated in terms of the finances involved.  Your persona may be tied up in your business, and your spouse or other family members may also be affected.  If you are a high net worth family, determining the equitable division of property, child support, alimony, and other financial issues can be much more complex than a typical divorce.

The high asset divorce lawyers at Blasser Law are well-versed in dealing with complex financial issues, including:

  • Tracking down hidden assets
  • Valuing and dividing business assets
  • Apportioning stock, real estate, and other high-value assets
  • The tax implications of high-asset divorces
  • Valuing and allocating high-value personal property such as upscale furnishings, jewelry, and art
  • Issues relating to retirement accounts and assets such as IRAs, pensions, and other forms of deferred compensation
  • Wading through trusts, insurance policies, and inheritance issues

Call Blasser Law in Claremont for Talented and Discreet Celebrity Divorce Lawyers

If you are a high-profile individual or are married to a person with a visible public profile and you are facing the prospect of divorce, it is vital to choose an attorney qualified to deal with celebrities, public officials, and other high-net-worth individuals.  We understand the delicate and complex issues associated with celebrity divorce.  In Los Angeles, call Blasser Law at 877-927-2181 to speak with a seasoned and effective celebrity divorce attorney.

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