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Los Angeles Fathers’ Rights Attorneys in Claremont

In the discussion of divorce decrees, child support, child custody, and paternity issues, the rights and wishes of fathers are sometimes still considered second-tier to those of the mother in a divorce. Yet we are no longer in an era when it is expected that mothers will be homemakers who take custody of children by default in a divorce. Nowadays mothers work, and fathers want their kids. Our fathers’ rights attorneys know that fathers love their children just as fiercely, and they are entitled to the same consideration when it comes to custody disputes and other issues related to child-rearing.

Some courts still hold to antiquated views about parentage, and the passionate and dedicated family law attorneys at Blasser Law are prepared to fight on your behalf to ensure that your rights as a father are protected and enforced.

Paternity impacts child support and custody in California

When a child is born, the identity of the mother is a known fact. The same, unfortunately, is not true of the father. The law presumes that the spouse of a woman giving birth is the father, but if the parties are unmarried, additional steps are necessary to establish paternity. Mothers may sue to establish paternity in order to receive child support from the father, and fathers can likewise sue to establish paternity if they want to have custody or visitation rights regarding the child.

The attorneys at Blasser Law can walk you through the process of establishing your paternal relationship to your child so that you have the ability to argue for custody or visitation rights. We can also help disprove paternity if you are facing child support for a child that is not your own and with whom you do not have a parental relationship.

Custody and visitation are based on a number of factors

It is no longer appropriate for courts to default to granting full custody to mothers in a divorce or to establish them as the primary residential parent for the children without further consideration. Instead, the court must evaluate all factors relevant to custody according to the best interests of the child. The divorce and custody attorneys at Blasser Law will ensure that your side of the case is heard.

In order to win custody or visitation rights, you have to prove more than simple parentage, especially if you are unmarried and seeking custody or visitation outside of the divorce context. We will help you prove that you have the desire to have a strong relationship with your child, that you are financially able to take care of the child, and that you are ready and dedicated to provide for their needs. We will ensure that you have the strongest case possible to argue for your custody or visitation arrangement and that the best interests of your children and your family are appropriately taken into account.

Hire a California family lawyer experienced in fathers’ rights issues

Whether you are fighting for custody in a divorce or you are an unmarried parent seeking custody or visitation rights, the dedicated family law attorneys at Blasser Law are prepared to make your case. For assistance with a paternity or custody dispute in California, contact a seasoned, effective, and dedicated Claremont family lawyer.

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